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Unusual Anatomy

Power 5
Traits Polymorph, Transmutation


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Duration 1 minute


You transform your flesh and organs into a bizarre amalgam of glistening skin, rough scales, tufts of hair, and tumorous protuberances. This has three effects:

  • You gain resistance 10 to precision damage and resistance 10 to extra damage from critical hits. If the resistance is greater than the extra damage, it reduces the extra damage to 0 but doesn’t reduce the attack’s normal damage. Any creature attacking you should calculate the normal damage and extra damage separately while your anatomy is altered.
  • You gain darkvision
  • Acid oozes from your skin. Any creature that hits you with an unarmed attack or with a non-reach weapon takes 2d6 acid damage.

Heightened (+2) The resistances increase by 5 and the acid damage by 1d6.