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Unfathomable Song

Spell 9
Traits Auditory, Emotion, Enchantment, Fear, Mental


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Range 120 feet; Targets up to five creatures
Duration concentraiton, up to 1 minute


Fleeting notes of a strange and unnatural song fill the air, overtaking the mind. Each target must attempt a Will save when you cast the spell, and again each time you Concentrate on the Spell. A creature needs to attempt only save against the song each round, and you have to keep the same targets when you Concentrate on the Spell.

  • Success Unaffected this round, but can be affected on subsequent rounds.
  • Critical Success Unaffected, can’t be affected on subsequent rounds, and bolstered against unfathomable song.
  • Failure Roll 1d4 on the table below.
  • Critical Failure Roll 1d4+1 on the table below
Roll Effect
1 Frightened 2
2 Confused for 1 round
3 Stupefied 4 for 1 round
4 Blinded for 1 round
5 Stunned for 1 round and Stupefied for an unlimited duration