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Spell 6
Traits Divination, Scrying


Actions 10 minutes (Material, Somatic, Verbal)
Range planetary Targets 1 creature
Duration concentration, up to 10 minutes


Scrying works like clairvoyance, except that the image you receive is less precise (insufficient for teleport and similar spells) and instead of creating an eye in a set location within 500 feet, you instead create an eye that appears just above the target. You can choose a target either by name or by touching one of its possessions or a fallen piece of its body. If you haven’t met the target in person, scrying’s DC is 2 lower, and if you are unaware of the target’s identity (perhaps because you found an unknown creature’s fang at a crime scene), the DC is instead 10 lower.

The effect of scrying depends on the target’s Will save.

  • Success The spell fails and the target is bolstered against scrying.
  • Critical SuccessThe spell fails and the target is bolstered against scrying for 1 week. The target also gains a glimpse of you and learns its rough distance and direction from you.
  • Failure The spell succeeds.
  • Critical FailureThe spell succeeds, and the eye follows the target if it moves, traveling up to 60 feet per round.