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Resplendent Mansion

Spell 9
Traits Conjuration


1 minute (Material, Somatic, Verbal)
Range 500 feet
Duration 24 hours (see text)


You conjure a towering mansion up to four stories tall and up to 300 feet on a side. While casting the spell, you hold an image of the mansion and its desired appearance in your mind. The mansion can contain as many or as few rooms as you desire, and it is decorated as you imagine it. You can imagine a purpose for each room of the mansion, and the proper accouterments appear within.

Any furniture or other mundane fixtures function normally for anyone inside the mansion, but they cease to exist if taken beyond its walls. No fixture created with this spell can create magical effects, but magical devices brought into the mansion function normally.

Your mansion contains the same types of foodstuffs and servants as created by the magnificent mansion spell.

Each of the mansion’s exterior doorways and windows are protected by alarm spells. You choose whether each alarm is audible or mental as you cast the spell, and each has a different sound (for an audible alarm) or sensation (for a mental one), allowing you to instantly determine which portal has been used.

When you prepare spells, you can choose not to recover the spell slot or daily spell you used to cast this spell. If you do, the mansion remains for another 24 hours.

The mansion must be created on a plot of land free of other structures. It adapts to the natural terrain, adopting the structural requirements for being built there. The mansion adjusts around small features such as ponds or spires of rock, but can’t be created on water or other nonsolid surfaces. If created on snow, sand dunes, or other soft surfaces with a solid surface underneath, the foundation reaches the solid ground. If created on a solid but unstable surface, such as a swamp or an area plagued by tremors, there’s a 10% chance each day the mansion begins to sink or collapse.

The mansion doesn’t harm creatures within the area when it appears, and it can’t be created within a crowd or in a densely populated area. Any creature inadvertently caught inside the mansion when the spell is cast ends up unharmed inside the complete mansion and always has a clear path of escape.