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Resilient Sphere

Spell 4
Traits Abjuration, Force


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Range 30 feet; Targets one Large or smaller creature
Duration 1 minute


You create an immobile sphere of force around the target’s space to either trap or protect it, blocking anything that would cross through the sphere. The sphere has AC 5, TAC 5, and Hardness 10. It can take 2 extra Dents and is destroyed when broken.

Disintegrate destroys the sphere instantly. The spell’s duration ends when the sphere is destroyed. If the target is unwilling, the effects of the sphere depend on the target’s Reflex save.

  • Success The target disrupts the sphere’s integrity, so the sphere functions normally but begins with 3 Dents.
  • Critical Success The target disrupts the sphere, causing it to collapse entirely.
  • Failure The sphere has its normal effect.