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Spell 6
Traits Abjuration, Mental


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Range aura up to 40 feet
Duration 1 minute


From you extends an aura that prevents creatures from approaching you. When casting the spell, you can make the field any radius you choose, up to 40 feet. Creatures must attempt a Will save if they’re in the aura when you cast the spell or as soon as they enter the aura while it’s in effect. Once a creature has attempted the save, it uses the same result for that casting of repulsion. Any restrictions on a creature’s movement apply only if it moves voluntarily toward you. For example, if you move closer to a creature, it doesn’t then need to move away.

  • Success The creature treats each square in the aura as difficult terrain when is moving closer to you.
  • Critical Success The creature’s movement is not restricted.
  • Failure The creature can’t move closer to you while in the aura.