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Read Fate

Power 1
Traits Divination, Prediction


10 minutes (Material, Somatic, Verbal)
Range 10 feet; Targets one creature other than you


You attempt to learn more about the target’s fate in the short term, usually within the next day for a creature living a fairly sedentary life, or the next hour or less for someone likely to have multiple rapid experiences of note, such as someone actively adventuring. You learn a single enigmatic word connected to the creature’s fate that day. Fate is notoriously fickle and inscrutable, and the word isn’t necessarily meant to be taken at face value, so the meaning is often clear only in hindsight. The GM rolls a secret DC 6 flat check. If the creature’s fate is too uncertain, or on a failed flat check, the spell results in the word “inconclusive.” Either way, the creature is bolstered against read fate.