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Prying Eye

Spell 5
Traits Divination, Scrying


10 minutes (Material, Somatic, Verbal)
Range see text
Duration concentration, up to 10 minutes


You create an invisible, floating eye, 1 inch in diameter, at a location you can see within 500 feet. It sees in all directions with your normal visual senses and continuously transmits what it sees to you.

The first time you Concentrate on the spell each round, you can either move the eye up to 30 feet, seeing only things in front of the eye or move it up to 10 feet, seeing everything in all directions around it. There is no limit to how far from you the eye can move, but if you and the eye ever cease to be on the same plane of existence, the spell ends immediately. You can attempt Seek actions through the eye if you want to attempt Perception checks with it.