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Primal Herd

Spell 10
Traits Polymorph, Transmutation


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Range 30 feet; Targets you and up to five willing targets
Duration 1 minute or until dismissed


You transform the targets into a herd of mammoths, and they assume a Huge battle form. Each target must have enough space to expand into or the spell fails for that target. Targets count as animals in addition to their normal traits while in this form. The targets’ gear is absorbed into their forms; the constant abilities of the gear still function, but targets can’t activate any item abilities.

When targets transform, each target gains the following abilities:

  • AC 41 (TAC 38) and ignores armor’s check penalty and Speed reduction.
  • New attacks, which are the only types of attacks they can use. They’re trained with them. When attacking with them, they use their attack modifier with the proficiency and item bonus of their most favorable weapon or unarmed Strike, and the damage bonus is listed with the attacks. All attacks are Strength-based attacks (for the purposes of the enfeebled condition, for example).
  • 20 temporary Hit Points that go away when they leave their battle form.
  • Low-light vision.
  • Athletics +28 (unless their own total modifiers are higher).

The special statistics of the battle form can be adjusted only by penalties, circumstance bonuses, and conditional bonuses.

The battle form prevents the targets from casting spells, or spending most manipulate actions that require hands (the GM determines which manipulate actions you can spend if there’s doubt). Each target can dismiss the spell’s effects on her own by using an action (this action has the concentrate trait).

When in battle form, each target gains the attacks, movement types, and special abilities listed below.

  • Mammoth tusk (reach 15 feet), Damage 6d8+9 piercing; trunk (agile, reach 15 feet), Damage 6d6+9 bludgeoning; foot (agile, reach 15 feet), Damage 6d6+3 bludgeoning; Speed 40 feet; Trample: As a 3-action activity, you can move up to twice your Speed and move through the space of Large or smaller creatures, trampling each creature whose space you enter. A trampled creature takes foot damage based on a Reflex save against your spell DC (half damage on a success, no damage on a Critical Success, full damage on a failure, double damage on a Critical Failure).