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Overwhelming Presence

Spell 9
Traits Auditory Enchantment Mental Visual


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Area 40-foot burst; Targets any number of creatures,
Duration until full tribute is paid


You surround yourself with a supernatural splendor, appearing to be a god or similarly majestic being. You choose the particular majestic aspects of your new appearance. This causes the targets to pay tribute to you by bowing or spending some other action in keeping with your appearance. The number of times they must do this depends on the outcome of their Will saves.

  • Success The target must pay tribute two times.
  • Critical Success The target is unaffected.
  • Failure The target must pay tribute six times.
  • Critical Failure Per failure, and the target must spend all actions paying tribute if possible.

Paying tribute is a manipulate action or move action, as chosen by the creature paying tribute. A creature under this effect must pay tribute to you at least once on each of its turns if possible. While under this spell, a creature is fascinated by you and can’t act in a hostile fashion toward you. The target is bolstered against your overwhelming presence.