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Spell 4
Traits Illusion, Mental


Casting Time/Component(s) 10 minutes (Material, Somatic, Verbal)
Range planetary; Targets one creature you know by name
Duration 1 day or until dismissed


You send disturbing nightmares to your target. The next time the target falls asleep, it must attempt a Will saving throw against the nightmare. If you know the target only by name and have never met them, the target gets a +4 circumstance bonus to the Will saving throw.

  • Success The target suffers no adverse effects from the nightmare, other than its memories.
  • Critical Success The target suffers no adverse effects and is inoculated for 1 week.
  • Failure The target awakens fatigued.
  • Critical Failure The target awakens fatigued and is drained 2 until no longer fatigued.