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Nature’s Bounty

Power 2
Traits Conjuration, Plant


10 minutes (Material, Somatic, Verbal)
Requirements You can cast this spell only in a natural area that supports significant plant life.


You call forth nature’s bounty, providing enough clean water and fresh fruits and vegetables to sustain one human for a day. If you have a pool of Spell Points, you can spend more Spell Points to sustain an additional human for each additional Spell Point you spend. Most Medium creatures eat the same amount as a human each day. Most Small creatures eat 1/4 as much as a human (1/16 as much for most Tiny creatures, and so on), and most Large creatures eat 10 times as much as a human (100 times as much for Huge creatures and so on).

Heightened (+3) The initial casting and each additional Spell Point produce enough food for an additional human.