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Modify Memory

Spell 4
Traits Divination, Mental


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Range 30 feet; Targets one creature
Duration permanent


You alter the target’s memories, either erasing a memory, enhancing a memory’s clarity, altering a memory, or adding a false memory. The target can attempt a Will save to resist the spell.

  • Success The target is unaffected but thinks your spell was something harmless instead of modify memory, unless it identifies the spell (usually by spending the Identify Magic action).
  • Critical Success The target is unaffected and realizes you tried to alter its memory.
  • Failure During the first 5 minutes of the spell’s duration, you can Concentrate on the spell to modify a memory once each round. When you do, you imagine up to 6 seconds of memory to modify, to a maximum of 5 continuous minutes of memory.

Any memories you’ve altered remain changed as long as the spell is active. If the target moves out of range before the 5 minutes is up, you can’t alter any further memories.

Heightened (6th) You can cast the spell on a willing target in order to suppress all memory of a particular topic, detailed in 50 words or fewer. The spell patches these omissions with indistinct haze. Instead of having a duration, the effects last indefinitely even in the absence of magic and can be removed only by powerful spells such as alter reality.