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Spell 9
Traits Divination, Mental, Prediction


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Range touch; Targets one creature
Duration 1 hour


You gain a sixth sense that warns you of danger that might befall the target of the spell. If you choose a creature other than yourself as the target, you create a psychic link through which you can inform the target of danger. This link is a mental effect.

While foresight is in effect, the target gains a +2 conditional bonus to initiative rolls and can’t be flat-footed. In addition, you gain the following reaction.

Foresight Trigger: The target of foresight defends against a hostile creature or other danger.
Effect: The target rolls two dice and uses the higher result if it’s being forced to roll (like with a saving throw), or the attacker or danger must roll twice and use the lower result (like with an attack or skill check). This is a fortune effect if the target is rolling twice, or a misfortune effect if the hostile force is.

Due to the amount of information this spell requires you to process, you can’t have more than one foresight spell in effect at a time. Casting foresight again dismisses the previous foresight.