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Flesh to Stone

Spell 6
Traits Transmutation


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Range 120 feet; Targets one creature made of flesh
Duration varies


You attempt to turn the target’s flesh into stone. The target must attempt a Fortitude save.

  • Success The target is slowed 1 for 1 round.
  • Critical Success The target is unaffected.
  • Failure The target is slowed 1 and must attempt a Fortitude save at the end of each of its turns. On a failed save, the slowed condition increases by 1; on a critically failed save, it increases by 2. A successful save reduces the slowed condition by 1. If the slowed condition is reduced to 0 or otherwise ends, the spell ends. When a creature is unable to act due to the slowed condition from flesh to stone, the spell ends but the creature is petrified permanently.
  • Critical Failure As failure, but the creature is initially slowed 2.