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Fabricated Truth

Spell 10
Traits Enchantment, Mental


Actions Material Casting, Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Range 100 feet; Targets up to 5 creatures
Duration varies


Choose a single fact you want all targets to believe. Their experiences color how they react to this “truth” and how their behavior changes.

If the fact changes what they perceive, they treat the change as a sudden revelation. The fact could be narrow, such as “a dragon is circling overhead and wants to kill me”; wide-reaching, such as “all humanoids are disguised abominations”; or conceptual, such as “if I don’t live a kinder life, I’ll be punished in the afterlife.”

The effect depends on the targets’ Will saves. If a target is already subject to fabricated truth, your spell tries to dispel it. If the check fails, the target can’t get an outcome worse than success.

  • Success It doesn’t believe the fact or realize you tried to trick it.
  • Critical Success As success, but it knows you tried to trick it.
  • Failure It believes the fact for a duration of 1 week.
  • Critical Failure It believes the fact with unlimited duration.