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Spell 8
Traits Earth, Evocation


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Range 500 feet
Area 60-foot burst
Duration 1 round


You shake the ground, topple creatures, and shatter structures.

  • Shaking Ground The ground is difficult terrain, and creatures on it take a –2 circumstance penalty to attack rolls and skill checks.
  • Fissures Each creature on the ground must attempt a Reflex save at the start of its turn to keep footing and avoid falling into 40-foot-deep fissures that open. The fissures are permanent, and their walls require DC 15 Athletics to Climb.
  • Collapse Structures and ceilings might collapse. The GM rolls a flat check for each (DC 16 for a sturdy structure, DC 14 for an average structure and most natural formations, DC 9 for a shoddy structure, or higher or lower as the GM sees fit). A collapse deals 11d6 bludgeoning damage; each creature caught in a collapse must attempt a Reflex save to escape it.

The GM might add additional effects in certain areas. Cliffs might collapse, causing creatures to fall, or a lake might drain as fissures open up below its surface, leaving a morass of quicksand.

  • Success The creature takes Half collapse damage and falls prone.
  • Critical Success Half collapse damage.
  • Failure Full collapse damage and falls prone.
  • Critical Failure Full collapse damage and falls into a fissure.

Heightened (10th) You create a massive earthquake that can devastate a settlement. The range increases to half a mile and the area to a quarter-mile burst.