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Drop Dead

Spell 5
Traits Illusion, Visual


Actions Reaction (Somatic Casting)
Trigger A creature within range is hit by an attack from an enemy.
Range 120 feet; Targets one creature
Duration concentration, up to 1 minute


The target appears to fall down dead, though it actually turns invisible. Its illusory corpse remains where it fell, complete with an appropriate fatal wound. This illusion looks and feels like a dead body. If the target’s death seems absurd—for instance, a barbarian at full health appears to be slain by 2 damage—the GM can grant the attacker an immediate Perception check to disbelieve the illusion.

If the target acts hostile, the spell is dismissed afterward. This ends the entire spell, so the illusory corpse disappears too.

Heightened (7th) The spell isn’t dismissed if the target acts hostile.