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Spell 9
Traits Enchantment, Lingual, Mental


Actions Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Range 60 feet; Targets up to 4 creatures Duration 5 minutes


Pronounce a cause. It can be to attain an item, claim a patch of land, slay a creature, war with a group, or be entirely peaceful. Your cause can’t force the targets to harm one another or themselves.

They become completely dedicated to that cause, depending on their levels. They choose their own actions, but they favor direct action over inaction or indirect action.

13th or Lower The target is so dedicated to the cause that it will pursue it to the death (unless you say otherwise).
14th The target is dedicated to the cause, but the spell ends for the target if it’s reduced to 50 Hit Points or fewer.
15th As 14th, plus the target can attempt a Will save at the end of each turn to end the spell for itself.
The spell ends for all creatures if you or one of your allies acts hostile toward a target, or the cause is complete. The GM might determine this spell has alignment traits befitting the cause.

Heightened (10th) The level limit for each category increases by 2.