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Charming Touch

Power 1
Traits Attack, Emotion, Enchantment, Mental


Actions Somatic Casting
Range 30 feet; Targets one humanoid creature
Duration 10 minutes or until dismissed


You infuse your target with love or lust, causing it to act friendlier. On a successful touch attack roll, the target attempts a Will save, with a +4 circumstance bonus if you or your allies recently threatened or acted hostile to it and a –2 circumstance penalty if you critically succeed on the attack roll or it allows you to touch it.

You can dismiss the spell with a Verbal Casting action. If you act hostile to the target, the spell ends. When the spell ends, the target doesn’t necessarily realize it was charmed unless its friendship with you or the actions you convinced it to take clash with its expectations, which could potentially allow you to convince the target to continue being your friend via mundane means. The effects of the Will save are the same effects as charm.

Heightened (4th) You can target any type of creature, not just humanoids, as long as they would find you attractive.