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Downtime mode is played day-by-day rather than minute-by-minute. Usually this mode of play occurs when you are in the safety of a settlement, maybe recouping from your adventures or studying an artifact you found. Downtime gives you time to rest fully, which grants more benefits than the healing you could gain on the road, or to engage in crafting or another professional endeavor, learn new spells, retrain feats, gather information, or just have some light-hearted or even larcenous fun.

You can spend an entire day resting during downtime to recover double the Hit Points you normally would for resting for a night. If you don’t want to pay for food and lodging, you can use your downtime to scavenge and subsist using Survival (when in the wilderness) or Society (when in a settlement). You can also sell items acquired during your adventures, buy new goods, and perform other activities as determined by your feats, your skills, and the settlement where you are spending the downtime.


Retraining offers a way to alter some of your character options, which can be helpful when you want to grow your character in a new direction or simply change decisions that weren’t as interesting or effective as you expected.

The three things you can retrain are feats (except heritage feats), skill proficiencies and increases, and selectable class features (like wizard schools or sorcerer spells known).

You cannot retrain your ancestry, background, or class.

Usually you must find a teacher to teach you new abilities.

The GM will let you know how long it takes, but expect skills and feats to take around a week and class features to take at least a month. Some abilities can be difficult or impossible to retrain (for instance, a sorcerer can retrain her bloodline only in extraordinary circumstances). In general when retraining, you can’t make choices that you couldn’t when first making your character; for instance, you can’t exchange a feat for a different type of feat, a higher-level feat, or one that requires prerequisites you didn’t meet at the time you took the original feat.

Other Downtime Activities

The Skills pages include several downtime activities you can do, which are summarized here.

Craft: Using the Crafting skill, you can create items from raw materials.

Gather Information: Investigate a subject by socializing and asking questions.

Practice a Trade: You earn money by applying the expertise of one of your Lore skills.

Stage a Performance: Plan and execute a performance for an audience to earn money and fame.

Subsist on the Streets: You provide for yourself by scavenging in a city.

Survive in the Wild: You find food and shelter in the wilderness.