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Elven culture is deep, rich, and on the decline. Their society peaked millennia ago, long before they fled to escape a great calamity. Returning to a changed land, the elves have struggled to reclaim their ancestral homes, most notably from the terrible demons that have invaded parts of their homeland. Remnants of great Elven settlements lie scattered, and even their ancestral lands contain long-forgotten ruins and artifacts alongside newer structures.


Elves combine an otherworldly grace, sharp intellect, and mysterious charm in a way that is practically magnetic to members of other ancestries. They are often voraciously intellectual, though they fill their long years with complicated pedagogies that most shorter-lived peoples find inefficient. Elves also hold notoriously long grudges against their rivals, but these antagonistic relationships can sometimes blossom into friendship over time.

Elves are generally taller than humans, and they have a fragile grace accentuated with long facial features and sharply pointed ears. Broad pupils fill their wide eyes, giving elves an alien look and allowing them to see sharply even in very little light. Elves typically reach physical adulthood around the age of 20 (though they’re considered by other elves to be fully emotionally mature at close to the end of their first century), and they can live to around 600 years old.

Elves subtly and deeply attune to their environment and their companions, and they often take on physical traits reflecting their surroundings. An elf who has dwelled in primeval forests for centuries, for example, might exhibit verdant hair and gnarled fingers, while one who’s lived in a desert might have golden pupils and skin.

Elves are often emotional and capricious, yet they also value kindness and beauty. They prefer deities who share their love of all things mystic and artistic.

Hit Points 6 | Size Medium | Speed 30 feet

Bonus Languages

At 1st level, if your Intelligence score is 14 or higher, you can also select one of the following languages: Celestial, Draconic, Gnoll, Gnomish, Goblin, Orcish, or Sylvan.

Low-light Vision

You can see in dim light as though it were bright light.

Elven Adventurers

Some background options are particularly suitable for elves. Look to the hunter background if you were raised in the wilderness, the noble background if you grew up in the court, or the scholar background if you pursued a life in academia. In addition, the acrobat, entertainer, and scout backgrounds all make good fits for an elf.

When selecting a class, consider selecting ranger or rogue, both of which take advantage of elves’ inherently dexterous nature. You might also consider being an alchemist or wizard, both of which speak to elves’ natural intellectual curiosity.

Ancestry Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As an elf, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

Ageless Patience Feat 1

You move at a pace born from longevity that might infuriate your shorter-lived comrades but enhances your thoroughness. You can spend twice as much downtime as usual on a downtime activity to receive a +2 circumstance bonus to all checks related to that downtime activity.

Ancestral Longevity Feat 1

You have accumulated a vast array of lived knowledge over your long life. During your daily preparations, you can reflect upon your life experiences to become trained in one skill of your choice. This proficiency lasts until you prepare again.

Demon Skirmisher Feat 1

You have served in the fight to reclaim your homeland from demons, and thus you have learned to mitigate those fiends’ strengths and amplify their weaknesses. Your attacks treat demons’ resistances as if they were 1 lower and demons’ weaknesses as if they were 1 higher. If you use the Stride action on your turn, you instead treat demons’ resistances as 2 lower and their weaknesses as 2 higher until the end of your turn.

Forlorn Feat 1

Watching your friends age and die fills you with moroseness that girds you against harmful emotions. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to saves against emotion effects. If you succeed at a saving throw against an emotion effect, treat it as a critical success instead.

Keen Hearing Feat 1

Your ears are finely tuned to even the slightest whispers of sound. As long as you can hear normally, you can use the Seek action to sense unseen creatures in a 60-foot cone instead of a 30-foot cone. You also gain a +2 circumstance bonus to sense unseen creatures within 30 feet that you can hear with a Seek action.

Nimble Feat 1

Your reflexes and lithe muscles are tightly honed.

Your Speed increases by 5 feet. Additionally, when you use the Stride action, you can ignore difficult terrain in one square during that move.

Otherworldly Magic Feat 1

Choose one cantrip from the arcane spell list. You can cast this cantrip as an innate arcane spell at will. The cantrip is heightened to a spell level equal to half your level rounded up.

Unwavering Mien Feat 1

Your mystic control and meditation allow you to resist external influences upon your consciousness. When you would be confused, frightened, or stupefied for at least 2 rounds, reduce the duration by 1 round.

You still require natural sleep, but you are immune to effects that would cause you to fall asleep. This protects only against the asleep condition, not against other forms of falling unconscious.

Weapon Elegance (Elf) Feat 5

Prerequisite(s): Weapon Familiarity (Elf)

You are attuned to the weapons of your elf ancestors and are particularly deadly when using them. Whenever you critically hit using a weapon of the bow or sword group, you apply the weapon’s critical specialization effect.

Weapon Familiarity (Elf) Feat 1

You favor bows and elegant weapons. You are trained with longbows, composite longbows, longswords, rapiers, shortbows, and composite shortbows.

In addition, you gain access to all uncommon elf weapons.

For the purpose of proficiencies, you treat martial elf weapons as simple weapons and exotic elf weapons as martial weapons.